Tye Dye Baby Celebration Sugar Cookies

Pictures is a white baby onesie decorated like a tye dye, with grey, yellow, green, red, and tiny bit of blue, and white piping around the trim of the onesie.
These sugar cookies were for a family baby Celebration.


These cookies were so much fun to do! They were for a dear family friend, who is having her first baby!  The happy couple are expecting a boy and some of her family members made very adorable tye dye onesies.  This was the theme of the sugar cookies.

Tye Dye Baby Onesie



These decorated sugar cookies are also special because I didn’t do them alone, my cousins and their kids help decorate also.  They really had some of the cutest ideas too!  That is one of the reasons I love to do cookies and art with kids!





Tye Dye Sugar Cookie by one of the teenagers! So clever!



Pictured is another white baby onesie by V's Sweets, in Weaverville, CA, tye dye theme baby celebration party.
Adorable tye dye sugar cookie for a baby celebration.



Another cute baby onesie!  These were super simple to make just make ring of each color and spread outwards with a toothpick. I also use a crab pick.








Pictured are three elephants suagar cookies white with tye dye centers of different colors. White piping and green and black around the edges of each elephant.
Baby Elephants, tye dye style.


Blue Swirl Tye Dye Sugar Cookie with yellow buttons.


I love the elephants and giraffe cookie cutters, they are so cute.  They are also fun to decorate.  I will have to make some that are more real like too some time.








Giraffe Sugar Cookie polka dots.
Pictured are a elephant and a giraffe sugar cookies with white icing and then the giraffe has white piping and different color polka dots which are textured and dots. The elephant has white icing and polka dots with lavendar colored piping for outline.
Not all the cookies were Tye Dye.


What a great time these cookies were I learned how to do the tye dye from the kids for the most part!  They are so artistic, after they left










So cute, pictured are two cut out sugar cookies elephants one is green and tye dye and one is white with blue piping around, and tye dye in the center.
Tye Dye Elephants.
Pictures is a elephant sugar cookie decorated with gray outlining the elephant and the trunk and then the center of the elephant is red with tye dye colors like a bullseye and a toothpick was used to make it appear tye dye like.
Tye Dye Elephant Sugar Cookies.

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