4th of July Decorated Sugar Cookies

Pictured are four decorated sugar cookies with a cowbow boot that is red white and blue with spurs, red white and blue flag, heart and star the flag has Weaverville writte on it.
4th of July in Weaverville, California, the best place to be!

For this years 4th of July holiday I want to help these two boys go to baseball camp!  Cookie proceeds will go to support their trip to the Baseball Factory National Team tryouts in Florida!

If you would like to read their letter follow the link below.  You can also donate directly.

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Small dozen will be 2″ cookies red, white and blue design.


Large dozen will be 4″ cookies, red, white and blue design.


Pictured are three boots, decorated differently, one is black on the top and bottom with red in the middle of the boot, and with white and black paisley. the other boot is, red white and blue and brown colors, and the last one is red on the botton of the boot and then the top part is cowhide.

Cowboy Boot Decorated Sugar Cookies

Pictures are a variety of high and low cowboy boots in red, black white, and brown, three are with black and white cowhide, these are decorated sugar cookies not real boots.
Decorated sugar cookies like cowboy boots.

Cowboy Decorated Sugar Cookies made for 4th of July.

I loved making these cowboy boot decorated sugar cookies over the 4th of July this past year.  We have a local rodeo and who doesn’t love cowboy boots in northern California?


I made some of them red, white and blue, with brown boot base.  One of my favorites is the cowhide boot.  The paisley pattern was also fun to test out.


Pictured are three boots which are short, and with spurs, one is cowhide pattern and black heel, another is brown with pin and white paisley pattern and te last one is red and black heel with white and black paisley pattern, decorated sugar cookies cowoboy boots.
Cowhide, and Paisley Cowboy Boot decorated sugar cookies, by V’s Sweets.





Boot Sugar cookies by V’s Sweets.