Pictured are four carrot sugar ookies that are mostly orange with white polka dots and royal icing piping, with green stalks with leaf piping, 3 of the carrots have swirls on the carrot down to the tip.

Easter Lamb, Easter Egg, Carrot, Bunny, and Tulip Cookies

Easter Assortment of sugar cookies, yellow tulip, white lamb with green color, white bunny with green and blue stripes, light orange carrot with polka dots and swirls, Easter egg with colors and designs.
Easter Assortment you can pick and choose what you want in a dozen.



I love this little assortment that I recently got all the cookie cutters in a box from a friend!  I didn’t have the lamb, or the carrot.






Also the tulip is new, which is my favorite flower!

Pictured is a close up of a bright yellow tulip sugar cookie with yellow piping denoting  the tulip shave and yellow dots along the top of the petals.
Yellow Tulip Sugar Cookie for Easter and Spring.

I love to do Easter stuff!

Pictured are 4 lamb sugar cookies with white icing and white dots as fur and white piping, all have black noses and mouths with black eyelashes, they are sleeping lambs, with blue, green and pink colors.
These Easter lambs are darling!









Pictured is an Easter egg shaped sugar cookie with white icing and then pink green orange and blue colored designs like a Easter egg painted.
Easter Egg decorated sugar cookie.



These are decorated eggs, and I can do colored decoration on white eggs, or white decoration on colored eggs.

Easter Egg Sugar cookie yellow with white icing.









The cookies take a couple of days to prepare so let me know plenty of time in advance.

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