4th of July Decorated Sugar Cookies

Pictured are four decorated sugar cookies with a cowbow boot that is red white and blue with spurs, red white and blue flag, heart and star the flag has Weaverville writte on it.
4th of July in Weaverville, California, the best place to be!

For this years 4th of July holiday I want to help these two boys go to baseball camp!  Cookie proceeds will go to support their trip to the Baseball Factory National Team tryouts in Florida!

If you would like to read their letter follow the link below.  You can also donate directly.

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Small dozen will be 2″ cookies red, white and blue design.


Large dozen will be 4″ cookies, red, white and blue design.


Pictures are six butterfly sugar cookies with red, white and blue, royal icing, polka dots and stripes combined make flag abstract decorated sugar cookies.

4th of July Heart, Star, and Butterfly Sugar Cookies

Pictures is a red, white and blue decorated sugar cookies with a butterfly cookie on top of other cookies all red white and blue. The butterfly is blue body, with blue and white wings, with white polka dots on blue on the top wings, and white with red stripes in the lower part of the wing.
Butterfly patriotic 4th of July Sugar Cookie


I am about to make more cookies for a few orders I have, and I thought I would share these cookies! Butterfly cookies are adorable! These are 4th of July butterfly cookies! I love them!


pictured are a pan full of hearts, stars and one butterfly sugar cookie decorated with red, white, and blue royal icing.
Hearts , Stars and Butterfly



Pictured left are the cookies on the tray still after decorating them.


Last couple of days to get the cookie orders in!






Pictured is a sideways upclose picture of six butterfly patriotic 4th of July Sugar coolies with red, white, and blue royal icing.
Butterfly, Red, White and Blue Sugar cookies



Stars and Hearts, 4th of July Sugar Cookies.










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Pictured are 3 star cookies with a white royal icing base and then blue piping for stars on two parts of the star and then the lower part of that star has red piping vertacal for flag stripes.

4th of July Sugar Cookies

Pictured are four heart cookies and three star cookies white base royal icing with red and blue american abstract flag design blue dots for stars and red piping over the lower part of the hearts vertical and then for the stars horizonal red piping for the flag.
Star and Heart Sugar Cookies


Apparently I have enjoyed making these 4th of July sugar cookies because I keep making more!

I love the red, white and blue combination!




Pictured are one star and one heart 4th of July decorated sugar cookie white royal icing base, with blue piping on the top part outlines and dots for stars and then red vertical stripes below to symbolize the flag stripes.
Star and Heart decorated 4th of July Sugar Cookie




Stars and hearts are the easiest, and I think also one of the cutest!







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Heart Flag decorated Sugar Cookie.



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