Pineapple Sugar Cookies

Pictured is a close up of a pineapple shapped cookie with bright lemon yellow as the base color with with diagonal crossing lines and one white dot in each sqaure,, the pineapple leaves are white and mint green.
Pineapple Sugar cookie, sunshine in a cookie.


I found this pineapple cookie cutter the other day at the local grocery store Top’s Market.  Another store, that has them in Weaverville, is Olsen Stoneware. Both places, you can actually find great gifts also.  Especially for household, and kitchen.

Instead of doing a golden yellow pineapple I chose to do a lemon yellow, and then white highlights and mint green.   Some might prefer a more true pineapple look.  But I wanted to keep the colors lighter this time.

The cookie is a sugar cookie with a hint of Meyer lemon.