Pictured is a close up of a snowman sweater decorated sugar cookie with light blue and a white snowman with coal buttons and orange nose, and white fluffcollar, and trim on the sweater.

Happy New Year’s Sugar Cookies

Happy New Year 2018!

Thank you all to my friends and family for all the wonderful support my first year of making cookies!  January 2018 marks the first year of making decorated sugar cookies!

I look forward to another year, of new cookies, and more chocolate treats also!



These Sweater decorated cookies were so much fun to make!





Snow!  Something which we have not had a lot of in northern California this year!  Let is snow more in 2018!









Snowflake Decorated Sugar Cookie







Princess Pool Party Sugar Cookies

Pictures are five cookies a flip flop, mint color with white strape and polka dots, a pink princess crown, with white detailas, also a pink cupcake, icre cone with mint color frosting and another vanilla scoop, and blue sunglasses.
Birthday Pool Party Sugar Cookies

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

I made these cookies for a wonderful young girls birthday party!  There were ice cream cones, and cupcakes and they were enjoyed pool side!  I also made the sunglasses, and crowns.  They were fun!  I especially loved doing the ice cream cones, and particularly the mint chip.  My favorite!





If you have a pool party, or any party coming up send me a note!  I would be happy to answer questions.  Or go to my Facebook link above and send me a message there!



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